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SchoolMessenger - Notifications That Get Results

Important Text Message Information  External Link

We are happy that we will continue to be using the SchoolMessenger program at Spencer County Schools for the upcoming school year.  SchoolMessenger provides notification services for parental outreach, emergency broadcasts and attendance communications for all Spencer County schools grade K-12.  SchoolMessenger can be used by the schools to call parents and staff for a variety of reasons that impact the safety and academic performance of the students.  SchoolMessenger can be used to complement community outreach efforts and emergency preparedness procedures, and to inform parents of upcoming school events such as notifications that report cards are going home or reminding parents about a scheduled Open House.  SchoolMessenger will also be used in an effort to enforce attendance policies by notifying parents when a student has missed school.  As a comprehensive communication tool, SchoolMessenger can contribute to parent involvement objectives allowing the school district to engage the broader educational community with a wide range of topics affecting students’ academic success.

Important Information About Text Messages

Important Text Message Information  External Link

SchoolMessenger is the phone/email service the School District uses to contact our student’s parents. Due to the cost of receiving text messages to some, by law we are required to allow for parents to opt out of receiving any text messages from our service (School Messenger).

Click on the link above.  It will take you to a website with information on how to Opt-out of receiving text messages.

Parents do not receive text messages but want to start receiving them can text “subscribe” to 68453 at any time.

As new SMS phone numbers are imported into your account, those parents will automatically receive the above opt-in message.


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Opt-Out Information

Opt-Out Form
(PDF format - 13K)

If you DO NOT wish to receive notificatons by SchoolMessenger, click on the form above.  You can either complete the form electronically and email to the specified contact below, or you can print the form off and take it to your child's school office.


School Email Contacts

High School
Stephanie Skinner

Middle School
Teresa Arnold

Spencer Elementary
Veronica Crouch

Taylorsville Elem
Connie Bowman

Other Schools
Gina Brian


Last Updated 1/6/2015
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